DATE: Saturday, January 5, 2013

TIME: 1:00pm

LOCATION: Kennesaw State University

This event is the first of kind at the University as KSU hopes to showcase Korean-American culture and introduce the University to its visitors and the Honorable He Beom Kim, Consul General of the Republic of Korea Consulate in Atlanta will be attending the event.

Here is a brief rundown of the event:

Doors to the Convocation Center will open at 1:30pm

Men’s Game starts at 2:30pm with the Women’s game starting 30 minutes after the end of the Men’s game.

Prior to and during the games, Korean pop music will be alternated in with English songs over the PA

There will be a “Welcome to the Inaugural Korean Heritage Night at Kennesaw State” in English and in Korean.

Half-time will be a Korean style break-dance routine for the men’s game and taekwondo for the women’s game.

Korean food item available at the concession stand!

I have attached a copy of the English version of the flyer to this email. This flyer can be distributed to as many people as you desire. It includes instructions on the promotional code to reserve tickets online for just $5! At the door all tickets would be $10.

1. Visit
2. Select Men’s Basketball
3. On the bottom-right side of the page you will see the single-game ticket information “Select Jan 5 MBB vs Mercer”
4. At the next page, select “Find Tickets” You will then be given an opportunity to enter a promotional code at the top of the page
5. Enter “KHN” (or KHD) you will then be able to purchase tickets for $5

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